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Multiple payment gateways for single integration

All you need is to make just 1 integration with us instead of cumbersome multiple integrations with all payment systems you want to work with.


PayStudio offers quick integration solutions for businesses that use popular e-commerce plugins and integrated shopping carts with their e-stores.

Integrating a shopping cart feature on your website lets your customers shop on the go. It is easy to incorporate and can easily be used. Simply add preferred products to the cart by clicking on “Add to Cart” button. You can also customize the cart design and colour as per your website’s look.

We offer multiple plugins that make implementing payments on your website easy. We support all leading shopping carts like Magento, phpCart, WHMCH, WordPress, Zencart .net, Shopify and many more.

Integration to different shopping carts allows us to provide you with a sophisticated order management tool, an option to set up cross-selling and up-selling campaigns, and other marketing campaigns which will increase your sales. Using local and mobile payment methods you will be able to capture any market of the world and the auto-charge option will keep your subscription ongoing.

Ready to Use Shopping Cart Plugins

Our ready to use third party plugins will enable the merchants to integrate instantly with their existing shopping cart.Let your clients pay the way they are used to. PayStudio plugins are customizable and easy to integrate.

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