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Risk Management

Leveraging cutting-edge technology to protect your data

In-House Anti-Fraud Modules

Our cutting-edge system allows the merchants to set up anti-fraud plans on a single merchant, a merchant group, or a MID – to make sure that each channel has sufficient protection against the expected risk level.

The System Includes:

Whitelists to mark trusted cardholders and avoid unwanted blocks and restrictions;

Blacklists to flag and immediately block transactions based on specific parameters (BINs, IPs, email addresses, etc.);

Modules serving as customizable filters for incoming transactions aiming to eliminate risks and decrease the number of flagged transactions on one’s account.

Risk Tracker – Monitoring Graphs

Real time monitoring graphs for each frequency Daily, Weekly and Monthly to give better control of your Merchant performance.

The platform provides real time monitoring graphs for each frequency mentioned previously, to give you a precise view on Merchant performance. Alerts and reports for each monitoring rule can be configured and be sent to different departments of Merchant and Partners like Sale, Chargebacks, etc.

Alerts and reports can also be configured to be sent out based on a pre-defined frequency for each monitoring rule including daily, weekly, or monthly. Using the Risk Tracker you can define different thresholds for alerts and auto suspension of merchant accounts for each of the monitoring rules in the system.

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