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Boarding Solution

Control your merchants using our white label payment gateway solution 

Giving new merchants access to your gateway to process their payments is commonly referred to as merchant onboarding.

An often reported pain point related to independently building and managing payments in-house is related to federal requirements regarding the process of merchant onboarding. Put simply; people don’t want to take on risk. But the process of onboarding new merchants is relatively straightforward.

To remain compliant, organizations must handle the underwriting and KYC for each merchant they wish to bring onto their software platform.

Key benefits of the Merchant Onboarding solution

On board micro-merchants and sole proprietor businesses with higher confidence: With individual, business, and unique cross-linked signals, PayStudio customers can build trusted risk profiles for micro-merchants and sole proprietors that lack the typical track record – verifying information and approving or rejecting applications with confidence.

Boarding Manager captures and saves complete merchant information using a single form, and uses the same to facilitate quick application to multiple acquirers.

Our Boarding Manager is capable of adding new bank forms based on the Partner requirements. By selecting a specific bank from our partner interface you will get a tailor-made query with only the fields required for the selected acquirer.

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