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Multiple payment gateways for single integration

All you need is to make just 1 integration with us instead of cumbersome multiple integrations with all payment systems you want to work with.


In a standard checkout, the merchant needs to post the initial request to PayStudio hosted checkout page where the customer will provide card/account details. Once the payment is verified customer is redirected back to the merchant Redirect Url along with the payment status.

In our API Documentation, you can find a full list of parameters that can be sent in the initial request.



Merchant needs to post the initial request to PayStudio hosted checkout page.

Customer will provide his/her card/account details on PayStudio hosted checkout page.

After payment confirmation, customer will be redirected to merchant’s website.

Hosted Payment API

					URL -
Method - POST
Send Curl request
Send a Curl request with all the parameters provided to the URL below. We encourage all users to please provide all the necessary fields. All credit card fields in the request parameters must be provided and must be the same information indicated in the cardholder's credit card/billing information
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