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Analytics and Reporting

Monitoring and

Keep Track of All Payouts

Always stay on top of things with our payment calendar. We’ll keep you informed on what to expect from acquirers, what to pay to your merchants, and when it’s due.
You can get comprehensive analytical reports with customizable requirements for any time period. Financial reports with accurately calculated amounts for merchant pay-outs are auto-generated on daily basis. Pay-outs and other transactions are captured meticulously.

Be on top of your cash flows, get clear reports on your settlements and fees. Customise your reports to analyze your business. Our platform is live all of the time, letting your customers transact at any time of the day, 24-7.

Statistics & Accounting

To analyze merchants’ activity you can use the viewing statistic reports function. To create a report, you can use and combine the extended list of parameters and their combinations. Statistical reports help to make strategic decisions related to various questions: starting from product type to target audience of the merchants products.

You can search transactions, using various parameters. You’ll never need to worry about losing track of transactions. The system allows you to search by various parameters, so you can use almost any payment detail in order to find the transaction you search for. Search using only one field or a combination of fields to narrow your search. Searches will include transaction history that meet the specified criteria.

You get the option of retrieving statistical reports with the customized specification for any period. The system allows you to regularly generate and calculate financial reports regularly. Pay-outs and security deposits are recorded. Along with this, there is an availability of MS excel format.

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